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About Us

Softness sourcing on earth.
Founded in 2020, Verse In Mellow is a multi-label online lingerie brand that offers a well-curated collection of intimates for women.
From our hearts to yours, every piece of lingerie is carefully sourced and picked by another woman to bring you the best of quality and comfort. 
It takes a woman to know a woman, and to know what a woman needs, so here we are, bringing you the softness you need for your second skin while not settling for less in the design, our selected lingerie are designed to make you feel beautiful and more like yourself. We know it because we’ve tested it. All styles have been through extensive quality testing and we only bring you what we love. 
Verse In Mellow is founded and managed by a team of powerful women. 
“We believe that If you can feel good and beautiful, you definitely look that way. From inner to outer, a woman should always feel like herself.”
- Verse Chloe L., Co-Founder of Verse In Mellow 

“We are here to empower each other.”
- Ashley Hardy, Co-Founder of Verse In Mellow